Nappy Cakes And Baby Showers

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Baby showers are on the increase in the UK and having a Nappy Cake is the big part of a successful Baby Shower.Nappy Cakes are very pretty and look a bit like wedding cakes only they are not edible they are just tiers of rolled up nappies which is very beautiful.Your Nappy Cake will take centre stage at any event and will be one of a kind. For a baby shower they make such a wonderful gift to give to the expectant mummy as they look very beautiful, and they are very useful as most of them contain many useful items such as baby blankets, muslin cloths, babies clothes Nappy cakes are becoming quite popular for several reasons:-

Nappy CakesNappy CakesNappy Cakes

  • They are original and creative.
  • They give your baby shower gift a personal touch.
  • They are so useful and helpful to the expectant mother.
  • She will use every single “ingredient” on the diaper cake.
  • Baby shower hostesses love them because they are a cute and impressive centerpiece for the party.
  • They can be decorated to match any theme you want.
  • They are a great gift at the hospital, at a baby shower, after an adoption, or anytime before or after a new baby arrives.
  • They are an amazing gift for the babies 1st birthday, Baptist even their Christening.

The best thing about them is they are not perishable and they travel easily so are therefore very good if you want to send one instead of flowers which is very useful if you have relatives that live overseas.There are many designs of them around such as Themed,Topsy Turvy ,Football and the list goes on.

Nappy CakesNappy CakesNappy Cakes

If you decide to make your own Nappy Cake then use good quality products such as pampers or Huggies. You can also use bio degradable Nappy’s which are better for the environment.If you decide to buy your Nappy Cake check the details of what products they are using on it just remember that you get what you pay for so if you go for the cheapest one then you will most likely end up with cheaper products.

Nappy CakesNappy CakesNappy Cakes

Ideally a Nappy Cake should have size 3 Nappy’s the reason for this is that if the baby is big then the size 1 nappy’s may not fit also the mummies can leave the nappy cake intact for a bit longer until the baby grows in the nappies so that mummies can appreciate how lovely the nappy cake is for longer.When I used to make and sell them people used to comment on how it was such a shame to have to take it apart.The Favourite designs that I Used to do was the Topsy Turvy ones as they looked amazing and very unique..If you are looking to buy one then there are many different companies selling them so you are really spoilt for choice. If you are concerned about trusting the companies that is selling them then see if they have any reviews on third party review websites such as Review Center or Trust Pilot also if they take Paypal you have much stronger consumer rights.



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